Hey all of you OUTSTANDING Alumni!

Welcome all the NEW HOBY SD alumni!! Plans are underway for the 2017 HOBY seminar, and all of us on the seminar board are extremely excited about the plans we have to help new HOBY ambassadors become outstanding leaders just like each of you.

The top 5 signs that you are one of HOBY’s alumni:

1. You always spell OUTSTANDING correctly
2. You could wear a HOBY t-shirt everyday for two weeks without doing laundry
3. No matter where you go, you find other HOBY alumni and bond immediately
4. Service is a way of life for you
5. You are a leader!

Does that describe you? Whether you attended a HOBY leadership program last spring or
fifty years ago, you are part of the family of fellow HOBY alumni who number over 355,000!
HOBY is proud of all of its alumni and encourage you to stay connected to HOBY and to
each other. As you explore this website, we hope to recharge that HOBY spirit within you!

I finished the HOBY program, but I still want to be involved!
Now what can I do?

• Accept all of your new HOBY Facebook friends and search for those who haven’t yet found you.
• Join the HOBY International Alumni Page
Join the HOBY South Dakota Alumni Page
• Help recruit a student from your high school to attend the 2017 seminar, email us TODAY!
• Apply to be on Junior Staff for the 2017 seminar
• Start logging your Leadership in Action (LIA) hours.
Contact our Director of Alumni and let them know how you would like to get involved!

HOBY South Dakota is always looking for volunteers so if you would like to please contact us
and let us know how you would like to help.