Here is how you can donate to HOBY South Dakota

The HOBY South Dakota seminar is conducted 100% by volunteers, and just recently we completed a successful 2017 HOBY Seminar on the University of South Dakota Campus. Planning for the 2018 leadership seminar weekend is currently underway. Every year we rely heavily on donations from the community in order to provide lodging, meals, t-shirts, and the full range of curriculum for every student.

As a current donor, volunteer, and as the Director of Creative Services I ask you to join me in investing in South Dakota’s most promising young leaders. Please make a financial contribution, donate a gift-in-kind, or help us raise funds in your community today. Your gift will support South Dakota’s top students in discovering, and utilizing, their potential.

If you’d like to talk more about how HOBY makes a difference, or if you’d like to share a fundraising idea, please feel free to contact our Director of Fundraising today!

– Brian Gadeken, HOBY South Dakota Director of Creative Services

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